Picture Gallery
Pictured here the team show
their Seaking helicopter along
side RAF Boulmers.
Because of the size of the 
display we couldn't get it to
Boulmer, so Squadron 202
came to visit us.
This is a photo of our workshop.
Looking a little messy it has 
everything in there we require
to repair and construct our
displays. This is the nerve centre
of operations as far as the Alnwick
Christmas Lights are concerned.
Here on a wet Sunday in front 
of Alnwick Castle the team stop
for a photograph along with
hoist sponsor for that year, 
Brett Fuels. 
The hoist is an essential piece 
of equipment and is hired each
year from Waren Access.
Here the Christmas Lights Team
have tea and cakes at Doxford
Hall, home of Mr & Mrs Burnie.
For several years Mr & Mrs
Burnie have been good sponsors
of the Alnwick Christmas